Muay Boran
(old style traditonal thai boxing)

In a nut shell Muay Boran means old style Thai Boxing or traditional Boxing. There are many names for this art.
String Boxing/ Chayo boxing, mainly depends on what area you live and thus takes that name from that area or
province. The are 15 major skills and 15 plus sub skills to learn.
One of the major difference between ring Thai and Boran is the use of illegal techniques,
such as ground stomping, neck twists, locks to name a few.
Old string boxing is one of the vicious of all martial arts, two opponents wrap the hands in bound string, dip their
hands in glue add some broken glass. You can easily see why its a vicious sport. In the west its been known or
called Muay Boran which means old boxing, but one of its real names is Muay Thai Kad Chuia/ Muay Boran.
Thai Boxing has a history back in the medieval ages when wars were fought with bow and arrows, swords etc.
In close fighting warriors used what ever weapons they had, ranging from fists, arms, legs, knee, and elbow to
defeat their enemies. Thai boxing was included in the military training since the time of the great King Naresuan (1560 AD) or (2103 B.E) Buddhist Calculations. Thailand (or Sri Siam in former times) engaged in many wars with neighbouring Burma and King Naresuan,s battles were countless with the Burmese. Once his Burmese captors captured him. He was given a chance for his freedom by fighting with the Burmese best boxer. Knowing his own prowess for self-defence. He accepted the challenge In the fight for his freedom he vanquished all his opponents and gained his liberty. Upon his return to Siam he was hailed a hero and the Thai style of Boxing was raised to a national sport. (Muay Thai kad Chuia)